Energy Storage and improved diesel efficiency
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Energy Storage for Improved Diesel Efficiency

A diesel genset can run 3 times more efficiently at full loads than low loads. Not only does running gensets at low loads cost fuel but it can cause damage through soot and unburnt fuel residue clogging the piston rings. Once these are compromised a viscous cycle of degradation sets in, reducing the efficiency of the genset further and ultimately leading to its breakdown. Over 10 years genset replacement and maintenance costs can be more than 5 times initial capital expenditure.

By coupling a diesel genset with a REDT Energy Storage System it can run at a higher loading to charge the battery (with extremely low marginal fuel impact) whilst still supplying demand. When demand falls the genset can switch off and the Energy Storage System can take over. This leads to significant savings by:

(i) Reducing fuel consumption since the genset is only run at optimised efficiencies.

(ii) Reducing replacement and maintenance costs through the elimination of problematic loading levels and significantly lower total operating hours – a multiplier effect is obtained from this combination.

Use REDT Energy Storage for:

  • Light Load Management 

  • Ramping 

  • Peak Load Support 

  • Voltage Control 

  • Reactive Power 

  • Frequency Regulation 

  • Black Start Provision 

  • Standby Power

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