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Energy Storage for Hospitality

REDT Batteries for Hospitality and LeisureIsland retreats, eco lodges, safari camps… visitor hotspots do not always with coincide with a strong grid connection. To provide power for essential operations and to guests in locations with weak to no grid connection, diesel gensets and/or renewables are frequently relied on.

redT energy storage is easily connected to PV and/or wind to increase savings and reduce environmental impact even further. The energy storage system can absorb intermittent and volatile generation and time-shift it for availability when there is demand. The VRFB can also stabilise the addition of renewables to a microgrid with or without a genset component and enables maximum flexibility of operation.

For non-renewable generation, light loading on diesel gensets significantly increases wear and impacts asset life. Over 10 years, replacement and maintenance costs can be more than 5 times initial capital expenditure. By coupling a diesel genset with the redT energy storage, it can charge the system at full load whilst still supplying demand. The genset can then switch off and the energy storage system can take over to supply demand for the rest of the day.

Use redT energy storage to:

  • Provide reliable, silent, clean power

  • Reduce fuel consumption

  • Maximise output from your renewables

  • Reduce replacement and maintenance costs

  • Reduce environmental impact

  • Provide back-up power

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