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Energy Storage for Renewable Energy

Energy Availability and DemandA key problem in supplying renewable energy to the electric grid is the mismatch between availability and demand. Solar and wind energy is highly dependent on external conditions but energy demand is independent of these factors. The redT energy storage system eliminates this problem by allowing operators to store energy when available and release it to the grid when needed; evening out the mismatch between supply and demand and eliminating the intermittency problems associated with renewable energy sources. 

Vanadium Redox Flow Battery (VRFB) technology is ideal for coupling with renewables such as PV and wind. Unlike most batteries, it does not degrade when fully discharged and is suited to long duration storage. This means it can handle the high volatility and diurnal cycles that characterise these sources. In addition, the redT system’s power and energy are independently scalable allowing it to be optimised to your energy storage requirements, and, as the electrolyte does not degrade, it is fully recyclable and retains residual value after the system’s 25 year lifetime. 

By installing redT energy storage alongside renewable energy you can:

  • Make grid purchase savings

  • Maximise your use of renewables

  • Remove generation constraints

  • Create firm, secure, power

  • Reduce carbon emissions

  • Clean charge electric vehicles







Case Study: The Olde House 


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