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Energy Storage for Telecom Sites 

To provide wide coverage, telecommunications stations often need to be installed in remote locations where diesel generators must be used as a result of the often weak or non-existent grid connection.  

The redT energy storage system reduces site operating costs by increasing generator efficiency and has the potential to totally eliminate the need for fuel when used in conjunction with sufficient solar PV resources. In addition, low maintenance requirements and remote monitoring capabilities minimises the need for site attendance. 

Unlike conventional lead acid batteries, vanadium redox flow systems are not a target for theft as they have no easily accessible secondary market. Additionally, redT energy storage systems are non-flammable, non-explosive and can withstand temperatures up to 50oC with no risk of thermal runaway.

Use redT energy storage onsite to:

  • Reduce fuel costs

  • Improve fuel security

  • Reduce site attendance

  • Increase genset efficiency

  • Provide back-up power

  • Reduce environmental impact

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