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Energy Storage for Utility-Scale Grid Services

The Value of Grid Service Revenue Stacking Conventional power plants have traditionally provided both energy and grid balancing services. However, as renewable penetration increases to account for a larger share of mid-to-low power generation, this leaves utilities with the issue of how to perform grid services.

Rather than maintaining traditional plants running at lower utilisation and high emission rates, the redT system is capable of performing grid services requiring discharge durations ranging from seconds to days and power ratings from 1kW-1 MW. The system’s separation of energy and power also makes it highly modular and it can provide services at both the transmission and distribution levels.

Service stacking can also be performed by the redT system to increase applicability and monetise on several potential revenue streams.

Use redT energy storage for:

  • Primary, secondary and tertiary frequency control

  • Voltage control

  • Black start capability

  • Load following

  • Peak shaving

  • Load levelling

  • T&D investment deferral & congestion relief

  • Demand-side management and demand response

  • Off-grid services

  • Variable supply resources integration

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