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40kWh Energy Storage

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40kWh Energy Storage

VRFB system operating for three years without capacity fade

For three years, redT has been running one of its own energy storage systems at the Wokingham R&D facility. The system provides 40kWh (5kW x 8 hours) of energy storage and has also been in operation at two other sites.

The 40kWh energy storage system has been in continuous operation for the past three years without degredation or capacity fade, equating to a predictable life of over 10,000 cycles.

Furthermore, throughout its three year cycling time, there have been no systems failures and no cumulative performance degredation, unlike many other types of energy storage - which if discharged below 50% rapidly lose storage capacity. The system has shown a DC-DC efficiency of up to 80%.

The energy storage system is currently undergoing an upgrade to install and connect a PV system and connect to the grid, allowing the redT site to operate in island mode and to time shift solar energy.








DC-DC Efficiency