First redT Gen 2 machine dispatched from manufacturing facility

Gen 2 machine pricing starting at $490/kWh

redT energy is pleased to announce that its first Gen 2 energy storage machine has been manufactured and shipped to the Company’s development centre. The 5kW, 20kWh machine will be commissioned and used for customer demonstrations and training at the Company’s Wokingham-based development site. A second, larger Gen 2 15kW, 75kWh machine is currently being manufactured for redT’s customer, the Thaba Eco hotel, which is located in Johannesburg, South Africa.

By incorporating the knowledge obtained from redT’s Gen 1 market seeding programme, the Company’s production and engineering team have been able to make substantial cost reductions and achieve a market competitive system price, starting at $490/kWh for its Gen 2 energy storage machines.

redT is also pleased to announce an additional commercial sale of a Gen 2 energy storage machine to the University of Strathclyde. The 5kW, 20kWh machine will be used as part of a joint project between Gaia Wind and University of Strathclyde at a site in Glasgow, Scotland. The unit will be used alongside a grid connected renewables project to demonstrate the benefits redT’s energy storage machines can provide Gaia Wind’s commercial customers.

Given the level of customer interest redT has seen to date for its Gen 2 units, the Company continues to focus on the full-scale roll-out of its Gen 2 machines into key application markets over the coming months.

Scott McGregor, CEO, redT energy commented:

“I am pleased to report that we have now manufactured and shipped our first Gen 2 energy storage machine. This is one of the cheapest containerised Vanadium Redox Flow Machines available on the market today and we believe that this price point, starting at $490/kWh, is sufficient to unlock the market for large scale, commercial energy storage in the UK, Europe and Africa.

We continue to see a considerable amount of customer interest as we now focus on the sales and marketing of our Gen 2 machines .”


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