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Interim Results Presentation 2017

Interim Results 2017

2017 AGM Presentation

AGM notice and proxy voting form

2016 FY Results Presentation

Annual Report 2016

redT Corporate Presentation 2017


2016 Q4 Proposed Placing, Open Offer & Notice of EGM Circular

Interim Results Presentation 2016

Interim Results 2016

AGM notice and proxy voting form

Notice of AGM

Annual Report 2015

2015 FY Results Presentation

2016 EGM Circular


Completion of Sale of US Biogas Assets

Roll-in of further Economic Interests in redT

Camco Clean Energy EGM Circular - Change of company name

Roll-in of minority interests in REDH

Interim Results 2015

AGM notice and proxy voting form 2015


AGM notice and proxy voting form 2014

Camco Results 2014 Presentation

Annual Report 2014

Interim Results 2014

2014 AGM Presentation

Camco Clean Energy AGM Circular 

Further Circular re Placing and Open Offer - 7 July 2014

Shareholder Circular 27th June 2014


Annual Report 2013

Interim Results 2013

AGM notice and proxy voting form 2013

Acquisition of next dairy biogas to power facility in US


Annual Report 2012

Shareholder Circular 16th October 2012

Interim results 2012

AGM Results Overview

Notice of AGM

AGM notice and proxy voting form 2012

Investor presentation


Annual Report 2011

AGM notice and proxy voting 2011

Interim results 2011


Annual report 2010

Full year final results 

Interim Results 2010

Trading update to 30 June 2010


Annual Report 2009

AGM notice and proxy voting form for 2009 year end

Preliminary results 2009

Trading update to 31 December 2009

Interim investor presentation

Interim Results 2009


Annual Report 2008

AGM notice and proxy voting form for 2008 year end

Full year preliminary Results 2008

Preliminary results 2008

Interim investor presentation

Investor presentation July 2008

Interim results 2008


Annual Report 2007

AGM notice and proxy voting form for 2007 year end 

Preliminary results 2007

Interim results 2007


Annual Report 2006

AGM notice and proxy voting form for 2006 year end


Company Documentation 

redT energy plc is domiciled and incorporated in Jersey. Accordingly, the rights of shareholders of redT may be different from the rights of shareholders in a UK incorporated company.

Articles of Association

Admission to AIM Trading Document


Other Company Information

Shares in redT energy are not traded on any exchanges or trading platforms other than the AIM market.

redT energy is subject to the UK City Code on Takeovers and Mergers.

redT energy has no restrictions on the transfer of its AIM securities.