Renewables are intermittent. This means you cannot always rely on them to produce energy when its required. redT’s machines provide you with your own distributed energy infrastructure


By investing in energy storage infrastructure, your business can benefit by using more renewables, allowing you to make greater savings on your energy costs, hedge against future price rises and open up new revenue streams through the provision of grid services.

Video case study: firming solar at a UK agri-business gives a 10% Internal Rate of Return (IRR, unlevered).


Use more renewable energy (infrastructure return)

  • Utilise cheap renewable energy onsite
  • Increase your energy independence
  • Reduce your business’ CO2 footprint

Save more on your energy bills (infrastructure return)

  • Reduce your energy purchases from the grid
  • Minimise consumption at peak times
  • Save money on demand charges

Earn more from grid services (variable upside)

  • Perform all grid services
  • Stack multiple services together
  • Adapt to changing policies quickly and easily

Trade energy to earn revenue (variable upside)

  • Take part in local energy trading schemes
  • Buy energy at low prices
  • Sell energy at high prices


Read about a farm holiday business in the UK uses more self-generated solar power and imports significantly less electricity from the grid.

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